Why Should You Care About Social Media?

Why Should You Care About Social Media?

social icons 260 pictureAs an individual, you should care because social media helps you connect, converse, and contribute to the world around you in ways that you could never have imagined. The tools are largely inexpensive, easy to use, and give you your own stage, microphone, and millions of niches to tuck into that can help you find like-minded communities and friends.

As a business, these myriad conversations mean that more than likely, your industry or even your brand are being discussed. You have an opportunity to be an active and trusted participant in that dialogue, provided you contribute from *within* that community (instead of from some holy corporate tower somewhere). As a business, you can stand out immensely by offering your customers a voice in your business, and communicating openly back to them as humans, not logos. Being a company that people want to interact with is undeniably good for business.

The truth is that social media still has uncharted waters. But it’s not going away. It is reshaping the global communication landscape for individuals and businesses alike, and you can choose to make things happen as a result of it, or have things happen to you because of it.

RED Brand Media can create your social media content, publish it, and launch your campaign.  Social media is used for more than just campaigns, however.    Campaigns are simply mini marketing cycles for gaining attention.  They are part of a larger strategy focusing on building relationships.  We use social media not just to seek out potential customers or trigger a surge in your business, but to retain current customers, transform them into active community participants, and entice them to become loyal, repeat customers.  Again, the objectives are: to attract new customers, to increase a customers buy rate,  and encourage “word of mouth” marketing. Using this model, campaigns are a marketing goal of a larger objective; focusing on building consumer relationships through the continued use of relevant social media networks.

The Growth of Social Media – watch this video, produced by Socialnomics author Erik Qualman for recent stats and figures.

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Check out our past Facebook and Twitter Client’s below:

Tips For Using Social Media Sites:

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  • Common mistakes when using Twitter; include not designing a page with the background reflecting your brand.  Getting on Twitter, but not interacting with your Followers several times a day, or only discussing your brand and not the industry.  As well, following too many people who don’t follow you back, or who are not relevant to your industry.
  • Facebook mistakes include; failure to design a “brand page”.  Not integrating the Twitter streams into Facebook, or vice versa, not keeping the Facebook Page up to date, and not allowing customer feedback.
  • The most common mistake for businesses using social media is not having a plan. “I’m on Facebook!” is great, but what are you going to do there? “We’ve got 10,000 fans!” is also great, but what are you going to have them do? “We’ve got a blog!” is also fantastic, but does it have a strategic goal? Are you winning search results? Capturing leads? Monitoring what is being said about your brand online?  If you don’t have a business purpose for these activities and are not measuring that success, then social media is just a hobby.
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One Response to Why Should You Care About Social Media?

  1. Tefl says:

    This site is exactly what I need. I’ve been blogging away now for ages and I’m seeing small succeses. What I need is cast iron strategies to promote the brand of my blog further. I’m particularily happy with your ideas on Twitter/FB/Brand integration. I have completely overlooked it until now.

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