How To Get More Favorable Traffic to Your Web Site

Read Other Relevant Blogs, Comment, Share Their Content, and Ask For Reciprocation If You Have To

When trying to promote your blog or content laden website, you should look for prospects with an ability to build your brand while sending you traffic. Prospect development is one of the most tedious processes, so focus on a core set of individuals with established influence, instead of just anyone who might bite.  You won’t be able to please everyone, but you can win the favor of a select few. That “favor” ultimately results in them recommending you to their audience.

Build a List of Prospects

Having a prospect list is ultimately used as a means to get bloggers to send you qualified traffic or perhaps recommend you to their audience. This will help improve your personal brand.

Start by creating a list of keywords related to your website or niche then run a search on Technorati. This search will provide a list of relevant websites or blogs ordered according to Technorati authority and favorites.  This list is a rough indication of the popularity of a specific blog, according to the number of links it receives from other blogs.

After you have complied the list, subscribe to their RSS feeds. Using Google Reader helps in this regard (see more below under “List Management”).

Since a prospect list is a method you can use to enhance your ability of getting a favorable responses from specific bloggers, you will be able to adjust the amount of time invested on each prospect, according to value and how the content ultimately relates to your own.  Keep in mind, a large amount of cross-promotion you see online is the result of intentional reciprocation; you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours (but only if you have good content).

Keeping a prospect list helps you to systematically record and reciprocate favors done for you and by whom.  You should track your prospects with a goal of acting on their content, along with building a meaningful relationship.

Think of yourself as more than a another reader but as a loyal supporter.  Thinking in this capacity allows you to absorb their content, voice your opinion and then share or promote to others who might benefit from it. The result is you react to the blogger’s content while connecting on a personal and or business level.

Below are some suggestions you should follow:

List Management

Google Reader is an excellent way to maintain prospect list. You can have your lists divided into individual folders based on category, niche, or subject.

Promoting Your Prospects

Submit their content to social websites – When a new post is created, make an effort to promote it via social sites such as Twitter or  StumbleUpon.

Collect and Farm Articles – While the value of the content is obviously most important, pay attention to sites you’ve never linked to before. Bookmark these articles of interest and reference them at a later time.

Comment Regularly – Comments are a valuable networking tool. It’s usually a good idea to refrain from “pitching” (aka spamming) any website unless you have commented on it several times.

Share Links – This shows you’re not just interested in pushing your own content.

Engage in Conversation – Engaging in conversation about a blogger’s article is a great way to show that you’re paying attention.

Finally, you can use any platform or method you like for networking as long as you feel you can manage your prospect list effectively.

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